Local products entry to the market lowers the price of vegetables.

TIRANA - Entry into the market of domestic production has decreased somewhat vegetable prices in the country. For three months, the price of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green salad, etc.., were in maximum increasing further the cost of living in the country. It seems that this phenomenon is stopped when trader’s stalls are filled with local products which are normally sold at cheaper prices.

Banks and Albanian citizens circulated around 202 billion Lek in 2010

TIRANA - Banks and Albanian citizens circulated around 202 billion Lek over the last year. This amount is divided into different denominations of banknotes and coins.

According to the Bank of Albania, citizens and banks circulated about 270 million pieces of coins and banknotes, of which about 153.4 million pieces are banknotes and 116 million are coins.
There was a 40% increase compared to the previous year on replaced notes by the banks.

UNDP to Support ‘Digital Albania’

The Albanian Minister for Information, Communications Technology and Innovation Genc Pollo and United Nations Resident Coordinator, Zineb Touimi-Benjelloun signed on Friday a project that will support Albania’s National Digital Agenda, Tv Scan reports.

The project foresees technical assistance to create a complete legal framework, strengthening the public and private partnerships in this regard as well as the application of the most advanced standards in the area of Information and Communication Technology.

Kanye West in relationship with Miss Universe Albania Angela Martini

Kanye West has a new gal pal: Miss Universe Albania Angela Martini. Sources close to the NEXT Model Management brunette say Martini and West have been seeing each other for a few months, though it's unclear how serious things are.

A policeman caught transporting drugs

Police in Gjirokastra announced on Sunday (May 15th) that a fellow police officer was stopped and arrested while transporting drugs. Ervin Hysa was allegedly carrying 75kg of cannabis as he tried to leave the city. Officials say the drugs, bought in the nearby village of Lazarat, were bound for Tirana.

"An Albanian-American Dream: From hardship to Nobel Prize"

Brooklyn, New York

In the oak paneled Robert F. Furchgott Library full of manuscripts and scientific devices encased behind glass that only a scientist could appreciate, SUNY Downstate Medical Center welcomed Nobel Laureate Dr. Ferid Murad. For me, and many of my colleagues, this was a dream come true: we were about to meet a Nobel Laureate! However, this meeting held a deeper meaning and significance than just the adrenaline rush of being in the presence of this sage.

Sigal Holding demonstrates strong growth & performance in 2009


Although year 2009 was a difficult year for the world economy and therefore also for the Albanian economy, it appears that Sigal Holding, which operates in Albania, Kosovo & Macedonia, has managed to escape the decline in markets and perform higher than expectations. SIGAL Holding which is an insurance company grew by over 21% in 2009 grew by 21 percent. At the AGM, attended by Director General, Mr Avni Ponari & also directors of departments and branches of SIGAL uniq GROUP AUSTRIA Albania (Non-Life), Life uniq SIGAL Austria Group (Life), uniq ad Skopje (Non-Life) and SIGAL uniq GROUP AUSTRIA Kosovo (Non-Life), performance in 2009 was analysed. Premiums increased by approximately €32 million. This increase has occurred in three markets of three states, in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

Albania Dodges Recession & Forecasts Further Economic Growth in 2010


The Minister for Economy, Trade and Energy, Mr. Dritan Prifti, said yesterday that Albania will be the country with the highest economic growth in Europe in 2010. The minister, who was attending a ceremony in Veneto bank, also attended by other members of government, business representatives, and representatives of the banking group Veneto, spoke of how Albania was the country with highest economic growth in 2009 and how it is expected to be even higher in 2010, in the region of 4 - 5%. Growth was 3% in 2009. He added 'Albania is a country that grows.'

EP: The removal of visas for Albania: A technical, non-political process


The European Parliament has categorically expressed that the abolition of visas for Albania is a technical process and should not be confused with the political process.

In a phone interview for Albanian Times, the European Deputy of the Green Group, Marije Cornelissen, found that the progress she has seen in Albania has been very impressive and as such, the group will recommend voting in favour of lifting the visa.

Berisha: Main Square in Tirana in a catastrophic status


This is the picture today of Tirana’s main square which has been described by the prime minister as being in a catastrophic status.. Berisha has charged the minister of public works and transportation Sokol Olldashi with the task of getting the main square on its feet. This is the main square of the capital and it is a shame that the 10 million dollars donated for the project of Tirana’s main square renovation by the Kuwaiti government has not been done yet.

Is Albania to become an Energy superpower in 5 years


There has been renewed discussion surrounding the somewhat controversial plans for Italy to build a nuclear power station in Albania. Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berluscone has said that Italy will set up a nuclear power station in Albania. In an interview with Italian newspaper, Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno "Berlusconi has thrown light on the previous uncertainties concerning the possibility of establishing nuclear power plant. According to him, the plant will be established in the framework of a cooperation project in a friendly country, as is Albania. He has rejected the idea of establishing the plant in Pulia, acknowledging that the region is already energy-independent and does not need such a plant".

Advances in the Telephony Market mean Savings for Customers


Increased competition in the mobile telephony market in Albania, as a result of regulatory requirement for reduction of tariffs, has brought visible benefits to the customer. These benefits for clients of cellular companies in the country have been estimated in the region of 35 million euro by the Authority of Electronic & Postal Communication (Autoritetit ne Komunikimin Elektronik dhe Postar). Selami Xhepa has commented that mobile tariffs in Albania are now below the European average. As a result of the decrease in tariffs, AKEP has determined an increase in outgoing calls by customers from 30 to 60 minutes compared to previous years.

Berisha: Future budget to concentrate on major projects


Albanian Premier, Sali Berisha, said that next year budget is going to be concentrated on some important projects and is not going to be divided in pieces, as has been the rule in the past. Albanian Premier considered this practice as a wrong one. “Next year budget will concentrate on major projects and will not be distributed in 1800 projects, as has been the practice on the past.

Keeping drivers moving with digital theory tests


Albanian authorities have now introduced digital driving test theory in most centres. Until now Albanians have been taking the driving theory test in papers but now this is been introduced in computers in digital format. Road and Safety authority in Fier completed the operating system through which applicants for driving licenses will answer theoretical questions in front of a computer rather then writing it in a paper.

First steps to a new Southern Motorway - Tirana to Elbasan


A new stretch of highway, running from the capital of Albania, Tirana, to Elbasan, further south, has been presented and is expected to be completed within two years. The first phase of this project will see a new highway stretching approximately 31km, consisting of 4 lanes, with two tunnels extending 2.3 and 2.1 miles being constructed between these two cities, with further stages planned to extend the motorway to Berat and Tepelene.

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