EP: The removal of visas for Albania: A technical, non-political process


The European Parliament has categorically expressed that the abolition of visas for Albania is a technical process and should not be confused with the political process.

In a phone interview for Albanian Times, the European Deputy of the Green Group, Marije Cornelissen, found that the progress she has seen in Albania has been very impressive and as such, the group will recommend voting in favour of lifting the visa.

Meanwhile European Deputy, Simon Bussutil of the People's Party said that they "are ready to look at the waiving of visas, but are awaiting final assessment of the European Commission for technical criteria. "We want to keep this issue at the technical level". He added that this should not be compromised by political issues.

On the other hand rapporteur for abolishing visas for Albania and Bosnia, Tanja Fajon, stressed that meeting the criteria for lifting the visa roadmap is a technical process. "There are more than 100 technical criteria that must be a qualified answer for. Technical part is important and I will not add any political criteria in this guide. There should be a separate process that strictly political, "she said.


  1. With all those Albanians from Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia seeking passports from these countries and then seeking for asylum in the EU, I highly doubt that visas for Albanian citizens will be removed any time soon.

  2. That's what the serbian and macedonians say. If they take the visas out of macedonia and serbia you will be coming to albania seeking asylum status for a passport soon.

  3. There is a lot of growth Albania need to catch up with the eu standards.


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